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Old Liverpool


Liverpool, by far, was one of England’s most important and active cities in the slave trade. From starting as a large village which focused on fishing, it rapidly developed into a major center for the slave trade. People from around the country flocked to this port city looking for maritime and industrial jobs.


Location of Liverpool Within England




Liverpool was ideally located for the slave trade. It was one of the safest ports during wartime and the city was deeply connected to the hinterlands which provided the port with numerous manufactured goods for exportation. This gave Liverpool enormous advantages over other major English ports, especially London and Bristol.





The City owed so much of its success to its dominance of the English slave trade that it was one of the last major cities to accept the abolition of slavery in 1807. The city’s connection to this dark business ran so deep that it can even be seen in its architecture. This video emphasizes how important the slave trade was to the merchants and everyday citizens of Liverpool. Slavery provided them with their livelihoods, and it was truly at the heart of Liverpool’s growth into a major commercial center.


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